Jeremy Blaze

Jeremy Blaze

Designer/Founder in London, He/Him


Hey there. I'm Jeremy — an Australian product designer and startup founder based in London.

Right now I run — a product design agency working with early-stage startups. I'm also founder at

Work Experience

2018 — Now

A product design studio helping startups create groundbreaking apps. We partner exclusively with early-stage startups to devise, design and launch never before seen products.

2021 — Now

Marathon is the project tool for design teams. It was originally an internal tool used just by my team at Never Before Seen, however once we experienced how it transformed our workflow, we realised we couldn't keep it to ourselves.

2020 — 2021

NOOK is a no-touch approach to capturing customer contact info for proactive COVID-19 prevention. We closed down NOOK in 2021 when venues stopped requiring customers to check-in. While active, NOOK was used at 80+ venues across Australia and processed over 100,000 customer check-ins.

2017 — 2018

Enter a URL, get a screenshot. Enpose is the simplest screenshot API you'll ever use.

**Acquired by in 2018.

Side Projects


Helping professionals form Mastermind groups for support, accountability and to grow together.


Supercharge your design process with a huge collection of strategically designed product modules. I drew on my knowledge from years working with vertical SaaS startups to compile the ultimate design boilerplate for founders.


The hassle free feedback form


A community platform for sharing the world's greatest driving roads. This was one of my first projects fully designed and built solo.

👋🏼 My story

Born in 1996 in Melbourne, Australia, I started fiddling with websites at about 12 out of idle curiosity. As has often happened, my curiosity became an obsession. By 15 I was running a website template store (for a platform called RapidWeaver). I sold over 10,000 licenses and netted about $15k all up – a big deal for me at the time. This sparked three big passions in me that would remain constant: design, business and entrepreneurship.

I leveraged my website skillset to land holiday jobs at design agencies while still in school. One of those agencies happened to work in software as well, and I quickly switched over to designing apps.

Over the next few years I graduated high school, started a Computer Science degree (dropped out after 6 months) and worked in-house at a couple of startups as a designer, all the while freelancing on the side. I also hopped on the 'digital nomad' bandwagon and started travelling full-time while working.

When it came time to wrap up at my last startup job, I was ready to go solo (and continue travelling). Within 6 months I had launched, my first startup (which was acquired a year later), and my agency Never Before Seen, which I still run to this day.

Through NBS I've had the opportunity to work with dozens of early-stage startups, some of which are now valued at over $100m. You can see a few of them at

NBS also lead to the creation of which came about when in 2021, with a growing team, I began feeling the pressure as a manager to stay on top of what we were working on across so many different projects. The first version was built in a weekend (NBS became the first users the following Monday), and over the next two years we refined and perfected it until it became the product it is today.

I'm now living in London where I'm focused on Marathon and of course the work we do with NBS. I also work on the occasional side project like and

Here are some other fun facts about me:

  • My focus is design, but I've actually been a developer for even longer (PHP, JS, ReactJS, jQuery, CSS, HTML)
  • I'm an avid car and motorcycle enthusiast – in 2022 I rode a Royal Enfield solo around Australia
  • I've played classical piano since age 6
  • On the side I used to manage an art studio / co-working space of over 100 creatives in inner Melbourne
  • You can often find me roadtripping Europe in an old Defender I've converted into an off-grid camper
  • I'm have a dog named Ellie