About Fathom

Fathom is the codename of a product I'm currently building aimed at helping people take ownership of their income, or in other words – become self employed.

This is a project that's been in the works in many ways since I myself went independent about six years ago. I needed an efficient, hands-off method for managing the admin side of a business with as many as a dozen income streams (or essentially a dozen distinct businesses).

This is a relatively new problem. Twenty years ago, it would be incredibly rare for one person to have more than perhaps a couple of places where they earn their living. That was left to 'businesses' (with employees, admin staff and bookkeepers). Now however, with more and more people engaging in the 'gig economy', it's common place.

I'm yet to find a good solution for easing the pressure of business admin, when you're one person juggling multiple businesses. Accounting software options are vast, however the ones that are friendly enough for one person to use are a rare breed, and almost all over-simplify meaning at some point you will almost certainly outgrow them.

The goal is a simple proposition, but much harder to achieve in practice: support single-person businesses in making their money however they like and at any scale, but that doesn't require them to lift a finger.

Fathom isn't ready for public release, however I'm looking for people who are prepared to try the product out for themselves and offer feedback on any shortcomings or oversights it may have.

If you're interested in trying it out or want to take a look at it, please get in touch.